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We Teach You To Defuse Situations Before They Ever Get Out Of Hand, And Tone Down Antagonistic Events. 

We'll teach you how to keep your family, your friends, and your home safe from outside attackers. Our objective is to help make  you feel secure, not paranoid.


. Robbery          
. Burglary
. Kidnapping
. Assault & Battery


. Murder


  • Prepare Your House To Make It Safer

  • Protect Your Car and Your Loved Ones Inside

  • Prepare Your Routine For A Safe Life

  • Defuse Situations Before They Get Out Of Hand

  • Use Hidden Secrets Of Psychological Defense

  • Use Techniques for Physical Self-Defense

  • Boost Your Self Esteem

  • Protect Your Family & Friends


  • Teach Your Children To Protect Themselves

Teach your children how they can protect themselves from danger.  We'll show you what to do to help your child be safe in an increasingly unsafe world.

Awareness Is NOT Paranoia. 

By bringing your consciousness to the here-and-now, you can avoid walking blindly into danger.

Let Us Teach You How!